Main Activity

  • Services

    1. Design Services:

             “ANGLES” is a PIONEER enterprise for Interior Design and Decoration. We have been in the market for almost 20 years now with a joyful and reputable name.

    2. Master Planning:

             Our overall AIM in any project that we handle is to carry-on ONE homogeneous plan completely professional and fully satisfying to our client on the long-run.

    3. Project Management:
    “ANGLES” provides various and diversified types of services integrated or itemized:

                •    Master Design

                •    Detailed Engineering Design

                •    Room by Room Decoration

                •    Bill of Quantities

                •    Cost and Budget Analysis

                •    Time Scheduling

                •    Purchases List and Guidance

                •    Project Management

                •    Project Delivery

    4.Scope of Work:

             Among our aspects of work and scope of detailed job-tasking and listing are the following:
                •    Feasibility Studies

                •    Site Analysis & Selection
                •    Site Needs Analysis

                •    Space Planning and Allocation

                •    3D Modeling and Real-Life Rendering  


    Former Angles Market Activities

    1-  Agent and Representative in Egypt for M/S Franz Kirchfeld GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, Düsseldorf, which at a later        stage joined Ferrostaal  AG , Essen ( G.H.H.  M.A.N. Group)    From     1973     To     1990 (Foodstuff & Chemical Plants), Activity started personally, then transferred to the company.

    2-  Agent in Egypt for M/S Enpro , GmbH , Germany,Düsseldorf From     1984     To     1988 (Foodstuff & Meat Processing Plants)

    3-  Distributors in Egypt for M/S ORWO , Germany , through their Agent in Amman Jordan From     1993     To     1995 (Distribution of Photo Equipment, Materials & Films)

    4-  Partners in the Erection , and later on Managing , Operating and Maintaining of (1) Chlorine and Soda Plant, (1) Edible Oil Factory and (9) Modern Slaughter Houses and Meat Processing plants in Saudi Arabia main cities : Riyadh , Burida, Al Hassa, Dammam , Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah, Taif and Abha for 10 – 12 years (Total value of the projects : about SR 700.000.000 ) .

    5-  Partners in the Slaughter House & Meat Processing Plant in Mansoura, Dakahlia, Egypt.Total Project value LE 70.000.000 The company chairman was the chairman & CEO of the plant for 5  years 

    6-  Full Capacity Company for construction, landscaping, design & interior decoration all over Egypt. From     1997    Till (now) Total Value of projects around LE 20.000.000 The company general manager is the head of this department.