Main Company Achievements

    “ANGLES diversifies your living atmosphere”

    Name              :Eng. Dina Soliman Company "ANGLES"


    Address          : 24, Fawakeh Street, Dokki, Giza, Egypt

                               3rd Floor – Apt.11


    Tel. No.          : +20-2-37614509 / 33351934


    Mobile           : +20-12-22456135 / 23189095


    Fax No.           : +20-2-37614508


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        - Started 2011 on a personal separate entity.

        - Previously part of K. Soliman Engineering & Trading Co., since 1979.

              Kotb F. Solimans Family Owned Company.


       - Which in 1997, changed and extended into Limited Liability Company K. Soliman  

             & Co., Ltd. Trading - Contracting "ANGLES".


    Our company has been in the market for almost 20 years now. Specializing in Designs, room allocations, re-situating areas & full remolding of homes, villas, offices, shops & show rooms.Conceptually ANGLES believes that the area owner has to be the main creator of his/her own space. We are just their main mentor and consultants. This is our philosophy, so accordingly we move into each phase step by step with our clients to finalize the projects up to standard & hopefully exceeding our clients’ expectations.


    1. Design Services:
               “ANGLES” is a PIONEER enterprise for Interior Design and Decoration. We have been in the market for almost 20 years now with a joyful and reputable name.

    2. Master Planning:
                Our overall AIM in any project that we handle is to carry-on ONE homogeneous plan completely professional and fully satisfying to our client on the long-run.

    3. Project Management:
                 “ANGLES” provides various and diversified types of services integrated or itemized:
          •  Master Design
          •  Detailed Engineering Design
          •  Room by Room Decoration
          •  Bill of Quantities 
          •  Cost and Budget Analysis
          • Time Scheduling
          • Purchases List and Guidance
          • Project Management

          • Project Delivery

    4. Scope of Work:
             Among our aspects of work and scope of detailed job-tasking and listing are the following:

          • Feasibility Studies

          • Site Analysis & Selection

          • Site Needs Analysis

          • Space Planning and Allocation

          • 3D Modeling and Real-Life Rendering  


    L.E 100,000 (Only One Hundred Thousand Egyptian Pounds) fully paid.With work capability of Annual 5M (Five Million EgyptianPounds) cash endorsed.

    Offices & Extension Possibilities 

    1) Main Office : 
    Situated in Fawakeh Street, Dokki, Giza – Egypt, 220 sq. meters, owned by the company owner.

    2) Storage : 
    Situated in Maadi, Cairo – Egypt, 170 sq. meters, owned by the company owner.

    3) Alamein Branch : 
    Situated in Alamein – North Coast of Egypt – 90 km off Alexandria to the West "New Alamein City", 160 sq. meters, owned by the company owner. 


    Owner Credentials   

       Dina Kotb Soliman , ( General Manager & Chief Designer )  
            • B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering in 1996, American University in Cairo – Egypt. 
             • Intl Diploma in Interior Decoration & Design in 1999, Rhodec University in London, UK .

    Former ANGLES Market Activities

    1- Agent and Representative in Egypt for M/S Franz Kirchfeld GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, Düsseldorf, which at a later stage      joined Ferrostaal  AG , Essen ( G.H.H.  M.A.N. Group) From 1973 To 1990 (Foodstuff & Chemical Plants), Activity started personally, then transferred to the company. 

    2- Agent in Egypt for M/S Enpro , GmbH , Germany , Düsseldorf  From 1984 To 1988 (Foodstuff & Meat Processing Plants)

    3- Distributors in Egypt for M/S ORWO , Germany , through their Agent in Amman Jordan From 1993 To 1995 
    (Distribution of Photo Equipment, Materials & Films) 

    4- Partners in the Erection , and later on Managing , Operating and Maintaining of (1) Chlorine and Soda Plant, (1) Edible Oil Factory and (9) Modern Slaughter Houses and Meat Processing plants in Saudi Arabia main cities : Riyadh , Burida, Al Hassa, Dammam , Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah, Taif and Abha for 10 – 12 years  (Total value of the projects : about SR 700.000.000 ) . 

    5- Partners in the Slaughter House & Meat Processing Plant in Mansoura, Dakahlia, Egypt. Total Project value LE 70.000.000 The company chairman was the chairman & CEO of the plant for 5  years  

    Full Capacity Company for construction, landscaping, design & interior decoration all over Egypt. From 1997Till (now) 
    Total Value of projects around LE 20.000.000 The company general manager is the head of this department.

    Staff Leaders 

    1. Chief Designer & Managing Director:
    Eng. Dina Kotb Soliman

    2. Marketing & Development Extension:
    Consultant Dr. Ahmed Osama Abu Doma

    3. Fine Arts Collector:
    Consultant Eng. Ragaa Hamza


    Executive Accountant(1)  
    Account (1) 
    Executive Secretary(1) 
    Office Admin(1) 
    Site Foreman (2) 
    Office Messenger (2)
    Office Driver(1) 
    Chief Engineer (2) (In addition to Part Timers 2) 
           Site Engineer                          (2) (In addition toPart Timers 2)
    Site Worker(70 to 80) – (variation up to 100)